Cireco Background

Cireco Limited, set up in 2005, is a subsidiary of Retail Loss Prevention Limited who have been dealing under Civil Law with customers and former members of staff involved in civil recovery incidents since 1998 on behalf of a large number of clients within the U.K.

Cireco’s main aim is to provide integrity screening services into the U.K. that allows companies to assess the risk to their business from employees prior to recruitment. This is of particular value to companies with a high number of staff in positions of trust involving cash handling and customer credit/debit card processing.

In addition to integrity screening services, Cireco have also built in County Court Judgment (CCJ) and identity information into the search capability to ascertain more information on a prospective employee to further minimise risk.

How The Service Works

Once a company has signed up to our service level agreement and secure access has been arranged, Through individual log ins, (with tiered access rights on what information they can see) users arrive at their own Company specific home page. The system is intuitive and easy to use which allows the user to enter the salient information in order to conduct a search. The service is based on a traffic light system of red, amber, green result returns, which can be tailored to the needs of the individual client. The default settings produce the following results.

  • Green - On an integrity screening search this means the person is not on the database of civil recovery incidents. If a credit search is conducted this will mean the individual does not have any CCJs and on an identity search that there is information to support that they live at the address they supplied.
  • Amber – On an identity search this will mean there is no information supporting that they live at the address supplied or on a credit search that they have a CCJ. Amber is not used on integrity screening.
  • Red – This means this person is on the database of civil recovery incidents.

Each client then sets their own policy on what action they wish to take dependant on the traffic light colour returned. For example, an Amber return due to the address may have an instruction for two other forms of identity to be requested from candidate before recruitment checks can be satisfied.

Actual Screenshots of the Integrity Screening Appliaction

Data Sources

Integrity Check

Cireco searches an applicant against a unique data set of individuals reported for civil recovery utilising derivative data captured for the detection and prevention of crime including verifying information on job application forms. These individuals have either attempted to, or taken goods or services without intending to pay for them, either as a customer or an employee.

Full report information returned includes the date, amount and type of incident and the status of the case.

Identity Check

Identity Check verifies an applicant in seconds against multiple, approved and independent data sources, with both identity confirmation and address validation.
The system conducts verification against a range of data including the following:

  • Electoral Roll
  • Office Address File (PAF)
  • Mailsort database
  • SHARE data (account performance data)
  • IP address checking
  • Politically Exposed Persons file
  • OFAC (SDN) file
  • Non standard address list
  • UK Investors file
  • Gone Away Suppression file
  • Terrorist file
  • Fraudulent passport data
  • Directors at home data
  • Public data (CCJs & Bankruptcies)

Credit Check

The system conducts returns against a range of information:

  • Public information (County Court Judgments, Decrees, Sequestrations, Trust Deeds, Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Bankruptcies)
  • Electoral Roll
  • Deceased indicator
  • Historic credit search information
  • Fair Issac score that uses public data that rank orders consumers according to whether they will repay borrowed money as agreed, relative to the population of other UK consumers. It gives an indication of their relative likelihood of credit risk.
  • Address links, providing searchable previous/forwarding addresses
  • Geo-demographic data powered by CAMEO a highly discriminative consumer targeting system

Technical Specification is a flexible and mobile solution, built on the very latest technologies available and hosted in a world class data centre.Minimum end-user installation is required, as runs entirely in your normal web browser, giving you immediate and straightforward access to a comprehensive risk management tool. Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, is also highly secure, giving you the same level of confidence you expect from all modern online applications.

The Company is fully committed to the principles of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of information.
Information Security Management Systems have been established and are regularly reviewed to ensure alignment with the following prescribed controls detailed in the ISO27001 Code of Practice (formerly BS7799).

Information is protected in a manner appropriate to its sensitivity, value, and criticality regardless of the media on which the information is stored and all Company employees have a duty to preserve, improve, and account for information and information systems used in their work.


Costs are dependant on volume of searches used in the year.